The total area of the farm is about 250 ha, where crops, wheat, triticale, peas, sunflower, corn, rape and lucerne crops are cultivated.

Several varieties and hybrids from the most important seed-producing companies are sown precisely to track their evolution on the southeastern area of the Romanian Plain.

The farm also has 21 ha of land that isused for research activities by some university departments (Technology, Agro-technical, Pasture and Hay, Mechanization, etc.). In this area teachers, students and researchers can track and test varieties and hybrids with applications in agricultural practice by using the most efficient and modern technologies.

Moara Domnească is a complex farm, both from the point of view of the cultivated crops and the diversity of agricultural works, which allows students to take part in practical training and research activities.

This enables future engineers to acquire new, modern agricultural information and techniques that will help them in their chosen career.