Experimental field of the Moara Domnească Farm

The scientific research activity carried out on the experimental field of the Moara Domnească Farm began in 1982 and was aimed to conduct field research on different irrigated and non-irrigated plant crops, the study of medicinal plants and of the Jerusalem artichoke. Until 1990 scientific research was integrated into national research programs coordinated by the Academy of Agricultural and Forestry Sciences (ASAS). Financing was provided by contracts with the ASAS institutes and experimental stations, as well as by contracts with the Ministry of Agriculture and the subordinated production units.

After 1990 scientific research was carried out based on contracts with experimental institutes and stations, and with different institutions, as well as based on grants and research contracts won by submitting projects participating in national and international competitions within different research programs.

The results of the scientific research carried out in the Experimental Crop Production Field of the Moara Domnească Farm have resulted in numerous scientific papers delivered at various conferences, congresses, national and international symposia, or published in various specialist journals or indexed in international databases. They also supported and substantiated the technologies, scientific ideas and materials developed by the Faculty of Agriculture of USAMV Bucharest, numerous studies, manuals, treatises and other publications completed over the years.

The Experimental Crop Production Field of the Moara Domnească Farm has been the place where students who want to further their field crop knowledge can develop research for their diploma projects, dissertation papers or doctoral theses.