The Belciugatele Didactic Station – is a subunit of the University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest. According to the provisions of H.G. No. 123/6 April 1993 it is headquartered in the Belciugatele village, the Călărași county.

The Moara Domnească Farm has an area of 556 ha (Land Fund). According to the APIA declaration, its total area holds 315 ha (59.25%). The difference is water area, protection curtains, rented and leased land.

The farm is administratively located on the territory of three communes located in Ilfov County, and consists of:

  • vegetable farm;
  • horticultural farm + refrigerated warehouse with controlled atmosphere;
  • cattle farm;
  • web-footed farm.

The main objects of the farm are:

  • research and development in natural sciences and engineering;
  • cultivation of cereals (excluding rice), leguminous plants and seed-producing plants;
  • cultivation of seeds fruits and stone fruits;
  • raising dairy cattle;
  • manufacture of dairy products and cheese;
  • production of fruit juices;
  • poultry breeding.