Horticultural farm: The orchard is structured as follows – 45 ha established in 2004 and 20 ha established in 2006, grown with native and foreign fruit species. Cultivar varieties are developed for each tree species, and monitoring activities are carried out for each individual variety, according to behaviour depending on the red-washed species of preluvosol to branch growth and fruition. The orchards are structured on modules for tracking, checking, controling and investigating the evolution of trees at different vegetation stages.

The orchards consist in:

  • Apple trees – 22.5 ha with basic varieties: Florina, Generos, Idared, Starkrimson, Ionathan, Golden delicious, and 0.5 ha collection: Granny-smith, Elton, Royal-galla, Romus 3, Mutzu;
  • Plum trees – 7 ha with basic varieties: Stanley, Centenar, Annaspath, Agen, and collection varieties in the area of 0.5 ha;
  • Apricot trees – especially Dacia, Tudor, Favorit, Excelsior;
  • Cherry trees – 5 ha with basic varieties Germersdorf, Hedelfinger, Stella;
  • Walnuts trees – 5 ha with Romanian varieties: Jupânești, Vâlcea.