In 2010 we brought 24 Montbeliard milking cows at the Moara Domnească farm.

This is an acknowledged and highly appreciated cattle breed which originates from France and is part of the group of mixed breeds of milk and meat. It is considered the most perfected breed for milk production within the Simmental family.

The Montbeliard cow is rated for the following features:

  • It produces milk that is rich in Kaseina type B, which helps increase yield and cheese production and is in the top of cheeses with protected origin;
  • 24 liters of milk a day;
  • 305 lactation days;
  • 3.2-3.4% protein;
  • 3.4-3.6% fat;
  • resistant to mastisis;
  • fertility (high percentage of gestation);
  • Longevity;
  • Ease of calving;
  • Good growth rhythm of fattened male;
  • Calves are very healthy owing to the milk produced by cows, they record short-time weight increase. In addition, the main economic advantage of the species is that the female of this breed can become pregnant at two years of age and can produce up to 13 calves;
  • Weight varies between 600 kg (cow) and 1000 kg (the bull).

All these attributes make the Montbeliard breed both efficient and easy to grow. It responds well to the growth in the mountain area (grazing – summer, hay – winter). At the same time, the breed is characterized by near-perfect to near-perfection, well-extended (previously and subsequently): high and wide grip; well-marked urinary ligament; horizontal planar above the jar, middle sized nipples located in the middle of the quarters and slightly outwardly oriented.